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    Canfrey Data Services

    Marshal your data for smarter,
    more informed decision making

    Govern and distribute one version of trusted information across your business at the project or enterprise level.

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    Business Data Unification

    Accelerated aggregation and analytics

    Cross enterprise access on any device

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    Database Development

    Build a scalable and highly optimised store for limitless data layer abstraction.

Transform !
and data organise.

About us

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Data focus

We drive business insight by turning distributed raw data into dimensional information, extend business reach and versatility by creating a secure and robust, organisationally-connected data platform, and we provide adhoc data and programming services to compliment your inhouse technical know-how.

Canfrey specialises in overcoming the data challenges financial services organisations face when meeting regulatory reporting obligations, smoothing the way to qualitative disclosure and automated workflow.

Formed in 2009, Canfrey employs technical experts with a reputation for business rapport and creative professionalism.

Data advantage


Prone to analytic sprawl and simply satisfying hunger for access to data, too often self-serving initiatives to harness business intelligence are materially unsuccessful.

With our help, access to multisource data coupled with smart tools enables your business to improve operational and strategic decisions with greater speed and finesse.


Gartner agrees. Since many SME have not yet begun their data mining and analytic initiatives, the research and advisory experts expect the market to remain one of the fastest growing.

As your organisation becomes more professionally data-driven, insights from multiple channels will find their way onto the devices of the people who are able to put them into action.

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If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.
Ronald Coase, Economist

Our services


Partner for on-demand data help and to plan for the reinvention of your business.

Data Transformation

Gather and convert your data into a uniform state ready for database loading and distribution.

Database Design

Model your data into logical and physical design choices and storage needs.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Influence and drive the actions which lead to greater value in your business.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data
Arthur Conan Doyle


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SQL Server

Enterprise data platform


Data integration and transformation

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We're located in Brighton, and we serve businesses both locally and internationally.


Registered address:
Canfrey Limited
28 Fourth Avenue
East Sussex

phone: 01273 251500

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